Jack the Accountant + STEALTH

A few weeks ago when I went to file my taxes I met Jack the Accountant by coincidence. Jack helped set up John Dau Foundation – http://johndaufoundation.org – and he offered to work with us on getting the tax-exempt status.  Just like that!  Amazing, Jack the Accountant.

We still have a lot to do before getting that status, but last night it became clear that we have to expedite the process. Last night STEALTH from Belgrade and Rotterdam came to speak at Syracuse School of Architecture: http://www.stealth.ultd.net/stealth/ During the entire lecture, I was writing down not what they were saying but what GAC can do right now. That’s how good their work was. STEALTH is intelligent in their design economy and thinking methods. They are unafraid when they say architecture as we know it is on its way out, and they are genuine when they speak of its alternative form with much hope. Jack and STEALTH are inspiring.

This summer GAC would like to build a prototype home for the village in Rwanda. In order to use our own funds for this prototype it would be good to have the tax-exempt status. All this pro-prac stuff we never learned in school.

– Yutaka


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